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Josafinni Porter Chambers is an interdisciplinary artist, designer and facilitator based between Glasgow and Liverpool. Her practice centres around themes of playfulness and experimentation. Josafinni encourages art as mindfulness, exploring its positive impact on mental health.

Josafinni is an environmentally conscious artist, her work is directly inspired by nature and materials used are recycled and energy efficent.

Josafinni works within the fields of participatory arts, print making, interior design and graphic design.

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Lets work together

Josafinni works as a freelance designer and workshop facilitator.


Sometimes these two worlds collide like for her project with Dargavel Primary School project. Josafinni designed wallpapers using drawings from a workshop facilitated by Josafinni with the pupils.

Please download Josafinni's 'Work With Me PDF' with more information about Josafinni's rates as an artist, designer and facilitator.

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